Tuesday, December 29, 2009

No Caffeine = Massive Headaches

Another major December event: I have officially given up caffeine. This means that somehow my life will go on without the following items:

Picture from Lemon Toast

I am actually not a coffee drinker - I know, ironic since I am Brazilian - my drug of choice from Starbucks is a Vanilla, Soy, No Water, Chai. OMG! It is so good. But, no more!

Picture from Zetson

I believe the above picture needs no explanation. Oh so sad.

Now, if you've ever been addicted to this drug like I currently am, you know that by living without the pictured items above I am agreeing to live with a massive, pounding, horrible, blinding, I could keep going, but you get the point, HEADACHE!

I've been clean for 4 full days. The headache is becoming bearable. Somehow, life will go on.


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  1. Laura and I, along with a few friends, do "No Brew 'til Month Two" - that is, no alcohol during January. It always cleans out the system and saves on the money you already spent during for holiday parties and the like. Good luck with the caffeine.