Thursday, January 7, 2010

Decade Recap

I have a slight addiction to blog reading. I can sit in front of a computer for hours, just going from one blog to the next. It’s actually rather therapeutic, and inspiring. The reason why I am telling you this, is because most, if not all, the blogs I’ve been reading lately are doing some sort of year recap.  With all this reminiscing in mind, I decided that it was time for my recap blog entry, but instead of looking back at 2009, I want to look back at the ’00 decade.

It was a rather important decade for me; some would even say that it was the most monumental decade I’ve lived – keeping in mind that I am about go into my 3rd.  Here is a short review, in somewhat of a chronological order:
  • I was given a second chance by everyone, and moved back to the US.
  • I made the decision to change my life around, and go back to God.
  • I got a tattoo.
  • Graduated from High School – honestly, I never thought it would happen.
  • Graduated from College – Whoa! Much less this one!
  • I met and married the love of my life – He’s freaking awesome!
  • Became part of great families.
  • Got a brother and two sisters – which honestly, I suck at communicating with them, but hopefully, I’ll get better.
  • Moved a lot!
  • Saw and hiked the Grand Canyon.
  • Became an aunt 4 times.
  • Went to Europe twice.
  • Went to Brazil twice.
  • Made great friends.
  • Bought a house!
  • Got a dog. She’s the cutest pup in the world!
  • Had great jobs – and still do.
  • Discovered hidden talents.
  • Got to know myself better.

There it is, a short list of my last decade. It was a great decade, I had a blast! Hope you did too.


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